Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I Would Apologize But....

It seems that Gigglepuss FUCKED UP.

You see, the riddle was supposed to be converted to ROT13 and then run through an md5 encryption. BUT, for some reason, the encryption refused to save to any databases Giggles put it through, and the MORON didn't bother to check.

He's been disciplined. Not through corporal punishment obviously, he likes that. I've got him locked up in a cold dark place with no room to move while he thinks about what he did.

I would apologize, sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, but I'm just as disappointed in all of you. Since I left, it seems that you have done absolutely nothing to advance this game. The only thing that came even close to an attempt to solve the riddle was some idiot asking if it was md5, apparently on the assumption that if the string of text looks almost exactly like the last md5-encoded riddle, then it certainly must not be md5.

In fact, I blame your laziness just as much as I blame Gigglepuss' idiocy for the fact that I now have three inmates in the local hospital, receiving medical treatment for the substantial amount of blood that they lost under Giggles' knife. This is such an inconvenience for me. What, you think just because they were eliminated for the game, I don't have plans for them? I have dreams too you know. But not one of you assholes ever stopped to think about me, did you?

So, in the end, everyone is fucking retarded except for me. But what are you going to do?

If this keeps up, I may be forced into the second phase of the game sooner than intended, and I can't be held responsible for poor sweet little Grace when that happens. Speaking of Grace, I wonder if she'll ever wake up?

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  1. I'd be more active in this game as I like to think I'm good with riddles but I'm very bad at decoding so sadly my ability to participate is severely diminished. *Shrugs*

    So this is me dropping out of the fun. The rest of you enjoy the game though.