Tuesday, May 29, 2012


This game isn't nearly as lively as the original...

So let's make a deal.

The next Salvation and Elimination rounds will the final rounds. The remaining inmates will be split between the two. Whichever is solved first, the inmates associated will be either protected or eliminated, except for two who the solver chooses. For example, let's say the Elimination has Bob, Suzy, and Chad, and the Salvation has Larry, Hanna, and Mike. If the Salvation Round is solved first, then Larry, Hanna, and Mike are protected. The person who solved the round then picks only one out of Bob, Suzy, and Chad to save. The others are eliminated.

Once this round is complete, we will move on to the second, more interesting part of the game.

Places, everyone. The final Salvations and Eliminations go up tomorrow.

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