Monday, June 25, 2012


No answers yet? Time's a-wasting here, ladies and gentlemen. I know I didn't set a time limit, but I want to get this thing over with and move on already. We have plans. Plans within plans, actually.

So provide an answer with the next two days or I "eliminate" one person for every day you don't answer.

Sound good?


  1. Up front Jill de Rais is the choice to save using the cheat code which is: Methods And Madness Do Not Intertwine.

    Your "What Is She" riddle answer is: The princess of puppets. James Cox, Jessica Giddens & Ruby Walsh have been chosen to save.

    Also, one underlying riddle in many of the patients' files has been discovered. How is this intended to be used?

    1. Congratulations. So De Rais, Cox, Giddens, and Walsh will be saved.

      As for Lady's riddle...I'm sure if you posted the entire thing for them on Grace's blog, that would result in something or other. Why don't you find out?