Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Last Elimination

Well, hello. I'm sure you were wondering where I've been. I did say that the last elimination round would have gone up, oh, nearly a month ago. But then it took longer than anticipated to set a few things in motion. I'll admit, there were some mistakes made, some unforeseen circumstances. (I'm sure you all noticed Grace's comatose state -- which came far too early, I'm afraid.)

But all of that is in the past now. We are at the halfway point and we must proceed. So here is the last elimination round. Our friend, the Orderly, has already chosen the next person who will be protected.

Anyway, here are those that have been eliminated and saved:

James Dees
Paul Ross
Thomas Dial
Natalia Steiner

Michael Teofilo
Jasper Oakley
Lee Smith
Grace Smith

Now, that just leaves Heath Able, Stephen Anthony, Lance Boyle, James Cox, Jill de Rais, Mary Elizabeth Earl, Jessica Giddens, Brandon Henley, William Hogarth, David Manson, John Marshall, Raymond Rutherford, Christopher Silas, and Ruby Walsh to choose from. Fourteen inmates.

You will choose three people to save. The rest will be placed in the elimination column.

And here is your riddle for this last round:


Please provide me with the correct answer. Any incorrect answers will result in one person from the list placed on the elimination column.

Thank you.

Edit: Oh, also, if you have the entire cheat code, you can save one person from the list for free. Go on.

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