Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Just a Song

Gather 'round, ye children, and I shall sing ye song.

Some time ago, there was a woman named Grace Smith. She had a twin brother named Derek. Grace loved her brother, but one day he was taken away by a madman calling himself the Jester.

Derek was placed in a cabin, all alone, and Jester announced that Derek's life would depend on a game.

Jester would post coded riddles, and whoever solved the riddles would be given a choice regarding Derek's living conditions. Would he receive junk food or health food? A dishwasher or a clothes washer? That sort of thing. Meanwhile, Grace was receiving her own riddles. Riddles which led her across the United States, in search of her brother.

But there was a secret that Grace did not know. She had an alternate personality. Once it had called itself Karen, but nowadays it preferred the name Kevin. Jester had met Karen long ago, when she was a child, and had offered to help her become "The Princess of Puppets." For you see, Jester is the servant of a being known as the Wooden Girl, who controls people and makes them her dolls.

Karen hadn't left with him. And now Jester would have his revenge.

When Grace found the cabin, she found her brother within. But he was Derek no longer. The Wooden Girl had entangled him in her strings, and he was a mere puppet now. He attacked Grace, and she had no choice but to defend herself.

No choice but to kill her own brother.

And what became of Grace? Well, she found herself in Shady Lawn Sanitarium, under the care of renowned psychologist, Dr. Beakman. She has left the incident behind.

But I think it's time for a new game.

I am the Minstrel, and I shall bring new fun into Grace's life.

Stay tuned.


  1. Oh great. You're one of Jesters little stooges aren't you? That's just what the poor girl needs. As if getting her brain messed with by that "doctor" wasn't bad enough.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. This struck me as odd:

    "Once it had called itself Karen, but nowadays it preferred the name Kevin."

    The alternate personality was once female, but now goes by a distinctly male name? And then it is never mentioned again? Why? What relevance does this have?

    This is identical to the comment deleted above. I was unable to find a "comment" button that was not a reply to the original post on the original page. Perhaps you should look at your blog's formatting, or there is just a problem with the script on my browser. Sorry :/

  3. Let the game begin anew, indeed.

    I look forward to seeing our Empress's strings take hold once more. It will be enjoyable to take on a more direct observation this time.

  4. Oh you magnificent bastard I'll be watching this time.